Buy a CD, Build a Family!

Music brings families together. Meet the Walters!


Bret & Mandy Walters and their kids live in my Indiana hometown, and as a young girl, Bret & Mandy spent countless hours investing in me and teaching me about faith and family. They have been in the process of adopting two orphans from Haiti for far too long. They have suffered loss and set-back because of a fraudulent adoption agency. They are finally making headway, and with that comes adoption fees. They could really use some love and support, and you can help!

Buy a CD, Build a Family.

It’s really simple. For every CD that I sell from now until Valentine’s Day, half of the proceeds will be given to this family to aid in their adoption process.

I currently have two CD’s available to purchase. Both CD’s feature my original music and are produced by Grammy & Dove Award Winner, Alex Hitchens.

Short Stories was released last year.


Change the Station (July 2017) is currently in production, hence only the selfie from our recording session yesterday. However, you can PRE-ORDER this CD to support the Walters’ family.


CD purchases can be made directly through my website via Paypal or credit card, or contact me to make other arrangements.

If you’re not a fan of uplifting, inspirational music, you can donate directly to the Walters’ family through their Adoption Bridge site.

Together, let’s use music to unite this family!

Happy Mom Music provides at-home lessons and private lessons at the Crescenta-Canada YMCA in piano, voice, guitar, drums, violin, flute and saxophone. 

Written by Joletta Sells.

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