4 Reasons to Hit “Rec”

The next time your child practices his or her instrument, hit record! Here’s why:

  1. Hear Mistakes – I have a student who likes to bang on the piano. So I recorded her version of Kabalevsky’s “A Sad Story,” and simply asked her to listen and describe what she hears. Her response was perfect. “Wow! It sounds like I’m banging.”
  2. Problem Solving – Once my student realized the problem, she started  thinking of ways to correct it. Parents and teachers can help guide the discussion, but it builds confidence when students can try out their own problem-solving ideas. In this situation, my student played more gently, slowly and with better technique (all her ideas!), and it worked!
  3. Mindful Practice – Once a student has evaluated a recorded song, practice becomes much more purposeful. The student is aware of exactly what to change and why it would be an important change. This encourages mindful practice instead of mindless repetition.
  4. Have Fun – Send the recorded song to Grandma and Grandpa or post it on Facebook for some additional positive feedback that encourages students to keep trying!


Happy Mom Music provides at-home lessons and private lessons at the Crescenta-Canada YMCA in piano, voice, guitar, drums, violin, flute and saxophone. 

Written by Joletta Sells.

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