New Year, New Music!

Learning music is an adventure!

the-soundofmusic-maria-w-children-on-mtn-teaching-them-how-to-sing It’s not about selecting an instrument and taking private lessons for a decade. Well, okay, I did do that with piano, but I also took a lot of other paths, too, that made music learning enjoyable, interesting and long-lasting. Like the year I took harmonica lessons in college, or the summer I spent exploring the trumpet – did I become great at those instruments? No way! But the experiences helped contribute to my overall musicianship.

Every path a music student takes is a successful one. There’s no wrong way to learn music. When parents call me, frustrated that their child wants to quit lessons, I often encourage parents to simply switch up the instrument and continue the learning. Students can always return to their original instrument later, and the change could help build flexibility, aid in musical understanding, strengthen note-reading, etc.

For example, the two years I played oboe in jr. high band class really helped me understand breath control as a singer today. The summer of drum class in high school improved my rhythm at the piano. My recent guitar practice has made my left hand stronger, which helps me execute difficult left-hand passages on the piano. Playing with other musicians, performing, writing music, studying more advanced theory and music history, it all helps me grow as a musician, and the same can be true for your child.

So in this new year, switch it up and take a new path for a while because music learning is an adventure!

Happy Mom Music provides at-home lessons and private lessons at the Crescenta-Canada YMCA in piano, voice, guitar, drums, violin, flute and saxophone. 

Written by Joletta Sells.

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