Drumming is Great Exercise!

Looking for an alternative for kids who aren’t into sports? Did you know that drumming is great exercise? Happy Mom Music offers group drumming classes for health and fun.

A university study on drummer Clem Burke of the band Blondie produced some exciting information about drumming as a physical fitness activity.

Blondie 2
Clem Burke and Debbie Harry of Blondie
  • Burke’s drumming during a 2 hour concert equaled the same energy expended by a 10K runner or professional soccer player.
  • Drumming is great cardio. It uses aerobic energy which increases strength in your lungs and heart, improving circulation, and reducing stress.
  • Drumming also uses anaerobic energy building muscle mass, and increasing stamina.

Check out Clem Burke in action from this 1982 live clip of Blondie performing Call Me

Happy Mom Music has partnered with the Crescenta Canada YMCA to provide group drumming classes for our community. E-mail us or call Joletta at (818)441-9662 to sign up today.

For further reading, check out the following link:

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