Musical Games for Winter Break

It can be hard to keep kids entertained during school breaks, especially when it’s cold outside. Here are some fun, musical, at-home activities to keep your kids moving!

1) Musical Chairs


This old favorite easily keeps kids active. Place chairs back-to-back with one less chair than the number of players. When the music plays the kids will walk, run, or dance around the chairs. When the music is suddenly turned off, all the players must find a chair. The player left without a chair is eliminated. Play continues until there is only one player left. Let the winner choose the music for the next round.

2) Freeze Dance


Let the kids pick their favorite dance song. When the music is playing, the kids have to dance. When they least expect it, turn the music off, and everyone has to freeze. Anyone still moving is eliminated. The last man standing is the winner!

3) Make Instruments

Instrument Collage

Check out some of these simple craft ideas to makes instruments at home.  Or get out some pots, pans and wooden spoons to see what different sounds each object makes. See if you can even play a simple holiday tune.


4) Name That Instrument


Take out all of the instruments in your home, either homemade or professionally made. Blindfold each player and have them guess the instrument as it’s being played.

5) Marching Band


Outside or inside, have your kids create lines and formations as they play their instruments, just like a marching band!

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