The Importance of Music Lessons


(In the documentary It Might Get Loud, guitar legends Jack White of the White Stripes, Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin and The Edge of U2, discuss their experience with music lessons, the challenges and stumbling blocks of learning on their own and teach each other their hallmark techniques.)

New musicians often opt to teach themselves an instrument as opposed to taking lessons from a professional. While sometimes that works, it also invites a host of challenges. Despite the prevalence of instructional books and YouTube tutorials, working with a good teacher in a private or small group setting is the best way to avoid long term pitfalls. Here’s a great list of reasons why to choose a professional music teacher.

Learn the Basics

Like learning any new craft, the basics are the foundation for everything to build on. When we learn to read and write, we first learn letters, then words, then sentences. Just like language, in music you don’t want to jump into a complicated composition without first learning the notes and how to play them correctly.

Strong Technique

One of the major pitfalls of being self taught, is not learning proper technique. This can lead to long term challenges and even injuries. Just as children learn to properly hold a pencil in order to write well, musicians need to learn how to properly hold and play their instruments in order to play well.

Personalized Teaching

When working with an instructor privately or in a small group, the teacher can address your personal needs and interests as well as focus on an individualized learning plan. This keeps the students motivated, engaged and focused with continual progress toward their individual goals. Achieving small personal goals fosters a lifelong, positive musical experience.

Happy Mom Music offers a variety of one on one and small group lessons. For more information call Joletta at (818)441-9662

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